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We can help turn your vision into reality

Our consulting company specializes in providing tailored solutions to help businesses thrive in these dynamic industries.  We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, offering strategic guidance and innovative ideas to propel your business forward. Here's what sets us apart:


We understand that every business is unique. That's why we develop personalized strategies to address your specific challenges and capitalize on your opportunities.

Real Estate 

Navigating the complex world of commercial real estate requires keen industry knowledge. Our experts can provide valuable insights for property development, investment analysis, and portfolio optimization.


From digital marketing to traditional advertising, we offer comprehensive marketing solutions that harness the power of data, creativity, and market insights to elevate your brand and drive customer acquisition.

Results Driven

With a history of successful client engagements, we have a proven track record of delivering tangible results that drive business growth and success.

Services We Offer

Don't let your business get left behind. Partner with us to unlock your full potential and achieve sustainable growth in the fast-paced realms of media, marketing, and commercial real estate.

Creative Solutions

Whether you're a budding content creator or a media conglomerate, our media consulting services can help you navigate the rapidly evolving media landscape, optimize your content strategy, and maximize audience engagement.

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Marketing Solutions

If you already have a team, or need one to assist in your marketing campaigns we're here to assist with a full suite of services such as video production, Ads Management, Media Buys, and Strategic  Planning 

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Commercial Real Estate Solutions

 Navigating the complex world of commercial real estate requires keen industry knowledge. Our experts can provide valuable insights for property development, investment analysis, and portfolio optimization.

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Our Results

At STZ Landmark Group we take pride in our track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful projects that highlight our expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Each case study demonstrates how we have helped businesses overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and drive tangible outcomes. Explore our portfolio to gain insight into the impactful solutions we have provided across various industries.


Our Clients Feedback About Their Experience With Us

Lynn Ngyuen


Ciera did an excellent job.  She was very professional, friendly and easy going.  She answered all of our questions and gave advice we needed and the results we were looking for!  Thanks Ciera!

Meet the Team

Our all star team is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, which enables us to offer a comprehensive range of business services. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing market conditions to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Andrea Patterson

Managing Director

Andrea is our co-founder and has developed a winning system for our clients growth in both real estate and technology.  Her years of experience in sales and organizational leadership make her the optimal partner in the success of your business.

Allen Beckett

Senior Analyst

With quality in mind Allen provides high level information and comparison data to the team to create winning results for businesses like yours.

Melissa Hetzler-Burton

Office Manager

Melissa has been with our group since day zero and has helped our organization launch into the public domain.  He keen intellect and passion for people drives our team towards world-class results.

Meet Our Professionals

Our collaborative approach and industry expertise set us apart, allowing us to provide top-notch services to our clients.  We stay ahead of the curve by implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies, utilizing the latest technologies that have our partners growing revenue year over year.

Brianne Haydon

Customer Service Representative

Brianne creates a uniquely warm environment for our clients, suppliers and contractors as the communications expert coming from years of experience in the service industry.  She comes from the service and retail industry.

Ryan Carver

Real Estate Advisor

Ryan is a real estate expert with years of experience in commercial and residential wholesaling and investor relations.  

Ciera Tilman

Administrative Assistant

Ciera's relentless drive to create timely and efficient results puts her at the forefront of the collective process for accurate and quality administration.  She is the longest employed member of our group.

Kaitlyn Holden

Media Content and Campaign Manager

Kaitlyn is a recognized specialist in campaigns for both political clients and marketing firms.  She has a proven track record of winning results for clients large and small.

Ashley Gutierrez

Finance Manager

Ashley takes a serious approach at data analytics, financial comparisons and towards reviewing team information.  Her experiences in the financial and banking sector are well regarded across the Virginia region.

Ron Suzuki

Lead Process Manager

Our leading sales, acquisition, and information gathering manager has decades of experience from an array of industries like Avionics Maintenance, Process Improvement, Marketing and Video Production. Ron sets the tone for incredible results for the rest of the team.

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